Online Access is now Synovus Online Banking

In addition to a new name – Synovus Online Banking – and design, we’ve added features to improve your online banking experience:


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  • We have added QuickBooks® format to your file download options for easier tracking of expenses and income. Microsoft Money, Quicken and CSV download options are still available.

  • Don’t let last-minute payments stress you out. We now offer same-day and overnight bill payments1 through Bill Pay.

  • We’re going to save you time by auto-categorizing your check card and credit card transactions. You can still manually categorize transactions and even ask the system to memorize how certain transactions should be categorized. Use the “My Spending” chart for a breakdown of how you are spending your money.

  • You may not be able to log in to Online Banking every day, but we’re still working behind the scenes to keep you up-to-date on your accounts. Alert options now include budgeting and transaction alerts. We’ve also added security alerts to let you know when account information changes. Alerts are easier to understand, plus they’re now in an easy-to-read HTML format.

  • The transaction tables on the Account Activity page now provides a running view of credit and debit transactions in a single column. Debits will be shown with parentheses ( ) around the transaction amount.

Click through our brief demo for more detail on any of these new features. View Demo (PDF)

If you have questions about using these new features, please contact Synovus Online Banking Customer Support at 1-866-518-4721.

1 Fees apply. These services may not be available for all billers.